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Foundations of such a business will be laid down about which you have a better understanding of. Your financial condition may improve this way.

Gemini Lucky/Unlucky

It is advised not to transact unnecessarily. Refrain from lending money to strangers, as doing so may result in heavy losses. You should not trust people easily at this time, especially when it comes to monetary matters as there are very less chances of recovering your loan amount from strangers. You may suffer from skin infection during October There is even a possibility of you facing medical issues related to stomach and blood at this time.

Try to be careful about your health. Keep a check on your diet and exercise regularly. You may even consult a medical practitioner to prevent any health problems from occurring. Seeking medical advice and undertaking routine tests will help you keep better track of your health. Circumstances related to your love life may remain quite favorable during this month. You may witness your love relation growing at this time. There may even be mutual involvement in love. One can resolve all kinds of problems when there is an intimacy in love. Apart from love relationship, both of you may be able to stand the test of time in other walks of life too.

You may try to place full trust in your lover with confidence in you. Only then can you succeed better. If you wish to express love towards your lover during October , you may propose to him or her in the latter half of this month. You may even show your trust in your lover. Your love relation may grow stronger this way. You may even start confiding more in your partner. Circumstances related to your marital life may undergo stress during this month.

Not only there are chances of animosity between you and your spouse but also, a situation of separation may also crop up. You should try to develop a healthy bond with your life-partner in such times. Circumstances may remain favorable with Saturn and Rahu transiting in Sagittarius. Your relation with your spouse may deteriorate at this time. Thus, make attempts to save your relationship and please your partner. You may gain support of everyone in your family, depending on his or her capabilities.

This person close to you may extend you full support as per time and situation. Not only your relation with your parents may improve but also, they may lend their support to you. Everybody at home may help you in settling the household chores. You may even witness growth in all familial aspects.

There may be development in all walks of life due to better balance prevailing at home. You may accomplish better success in your business endeavours. It is necessary for you to nurture feelings of mutual support to keep your household in a better situation. You may also have more chances of success at this time. Circumstances related to your child may remain favorable this month.

You may not only have feelings of support for your family members but also, develop intense emotions for your close ones. There may be better compatibility and mutual support this way. Auspicious events may take place at home during this month and you will be seen offering your active participation in such celebrations.

Offer fodder to cows to resolve your problems. You can donate necessary and newly purchased study materials to students. Practicing these remedies may help you to face these tough times courageously and put an end to them successfully. Gemini symbolizes the dual nature. Our world comes in pairs: good and evil, male and female, yin and yang - and Gemini native Remember Me. Sign In. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Monthly Gemini Horoscope October, Your fondest dream will materialize. But keep your excitement under control as too much happiness may cause some problems.

Monday, October 07, - Sunday, October 13, This week is going to give mixed results in many areas for love related matters, because at this time in your relationship wi According to Gemini Horoscope , the year is going to be just average. To get success in career and profession, you will h Select Another Sign.

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Gemini Horoscope. I am : Man Woman. This is a harmonious and mutually stimulating combination. They will be loving and caring toward each other and will share a This is not regarded as a harmonious combination. This is Dwi-dwadash disposition which is not regarded good for marri Both will be having many things in common and hence this is regarded as a good combination.

Both will have similar approach t This is not regarded as a good planetary disposition. Both will be strongly attracted, but deep down there will be nothing c This is an excellent sign combination. They will be passionate, understanding and caring. The boy will be impressive, loyal This is a combination indicating mutual intellectual, clarity of thoughts and effective communication.

They will be attracte This combination is characterized by the basic difference in their ideologies and thought process. She will be simple and fol This commencing point computed based on the monthly position of Sun in different time. This considered based position of Sun and Earth considered in contrast astrologically. The entire stars and planetary motion is considered in contrast to the actual spinning of earth in 24 hours.

This gives an illusion that every sign is rising at 2 hours interval commencing from Sun rise for a given place and time. From this reference point as Ascendant or Lagna other 11 signs are determined and considered as 12 Bhava. However due to elliptical orbital movements the signs may not have exact 30 degrees span, hence there could be different lengths for each Bhava, while the signs remain at fixed length of 30 degrees.

This system of computation of Bhava is where there could be some drifting of commencing points may cause double Bhava in one sign and making two or more signs covering a Bhava. Anyway this complication computational aspect is not required in Naadi, as the all the Bhava significations are derived from Planets and studying planets would give all the predictions covering 12 Bhava. Therefore, in Naadi, the Bhava system and the Lagna are not considered by experts as they have the logic of interpretation to differentiate the matters of life by planetary significations.

However it is not the ultimate truth. In advanced predictive techniques, this system of planetary significations is superimposed on the conventional system of prediction and more detailed reading of horoscope can be derived. For this the present system of traditional approach is insufficient. There needs to be some Naadi inputs in conventional method of Bhava system and the dignities of planets are to be modified based on certain in-depth meaning of lordships.

Though many claim having introduced the mixing of two systems, being a half-baked knowledge based those do not work as claimed. I want the conventional astrological students to unlearn the system of traditional for a while studying this book. No not to discard what you have learnt, but not to compare with what you have learnt The present system of analysis needs full fledge knowledge about planets, and we need to know the matter for which we need predictions.

I am now proceeding with the details. For this we have given below two tables showing the relationship government by each planet and matters represented by them. From the above table select the matter for which prediction is to be given and choose the planet against it. Now cast the birth chart for the person and locate the planet for which you need prediction. Now re-organize or regroup them degree wise. This procedure is simply called planets in 1, 5, and 9. In Naadi planets in these signs are considered as one group. Write down the planet in the next line similarly as you wrote earlier with ascending order of degrees.

From this 2nd sign again count 5th sign and write down the planets. Now go the 9th sign from the 2nd sign and write down the planets. Now re-group all of them degree wise. This group of planets in Naadi indicates the plan of action or progress ahead or pushing of matters relating to the selected Planet. Write down the planets in the next line as you did in rule From this 12th sign count 5th and 9th signs and write down the planets degree wise and re organize them sequentially.

Write down the planets in the ascending order of degrees. From this 7th sign count 5th sign and add the planets sequentially. Next go to 9th sign from this 7th sign and write down the planets in sequence. This entire exercise can be easily down without any confusion by the following method. Signs are allotted with four directions. We have planets in certain signs and these signs have some direction allotted. The same are to be grouped according to Direction which is very easy.

We have simply make four blocks and allot a direction to each block as shown below:.

From these groups you have to choose the matter relating to a particular planet to predict the results. For example if want to know the character of a male native. The native is represented by JUP. Jupiter is in Western Direction. In the same direction it has crossed Rahu a planet of Danger and sickness. Rahu is behind Jup indicating past.

mithuna rashi Varsha bhavishya kannada 2019,ಮಿಥುನ ರಾಶಿಯ ವರ್ಷ ಭವಿಷ್ಯ 2019

That means The Jeeva karaka that is Jupiter in other words the Native had faced endangering situation in the past. He has some sin factors attached to him in the past. Next Jupiter has Saturn; Jupiter will face the Karma planet and hence will have to get into Job that will clear his past sins.

The native will get the spiritual knowledge from others like father and friends and through them he will also get some recognition. With this modification he goes ahead towards his end group. It is north which has Venus and then Moon. The native will earn money and also spends it. He may lose the property also. He may have to travel after losing money. However we must take 12th sign where Mars is posited Mars indicate at the backdrop there is some hardships and tensions. This is related to father and brother because Mars is Retrograde and going towards Eastern Direction where Sun and Mercury are posited with Ketu.

We need to take retrograde planets into previous sign. Saturn is also retrograde and going to southern side and reaching Mars. The Native will often face professional problems. This is the simple method of prediction; where in the significations of the planets are linked to make prediction. Select a Planet in the Group and analyse. We will select Sat for analysing the Profession Karma of this Person.

Saturn is alone in the West. He is in the Sign Gemini. Gemini is Air sign. It is also Trade sign. Step 5 Now see the 2nd group from West. It is North Sign. Rah alone in North Sign. He is Retro motion. He will travel towards Sat and Sat is approaching him. That is Sat will carry effects of Rah. Rah is also a foreign indicator and Air indicator. Step 6 Now see the opposite Group i. Eastern direction. Sun a Government - Authority - indicator. He is in Leo - A sign indicating Service.

This Sign also indicate Govt. Jup is Jeeva karaka - Self-involved in Karma. Jup is with many planets - Many Jeevas are also involved in this karma. Moo Indicates - Changes - Travel. Ven Indicates Luxurious. Mer indicates - Intelligence. Step 7 The opposite group is having a planet in its 2nd Group i. This would have effect indirectly on Sat karma karaka. Therefore take the South group planets. Mar is in Virgo a South sign. It is a Business class sign. Mar is power - Shakti - Yantra Machinery.

Mar is also an enemy of Saturn creating problems. Ket is in Capricorn a South sign. Therefore his karma is of Authority Air Travel carrying many people are luxurious and elite people through powerful machinery which is risky where he may end karma of everybody. This native is a Pilot. Therefore, this person will take up a pilot job and later on changes his profession. How the Naadi system works Planets have many significations. By combination of planets, the lesser degree planet will be approaching the higher degree planet.

That is the approached planet will give its Karakatwa effects to the approaching planet. This will either be good or bad based on two qualities of approached planet. Similarly a planet in the next sign will give its Karakatwa to the planet behind it. However there is a mutual link between them. For the planet in behind sign the planet in front sign acts as planning and future actions. For the planet in front sign the planet in behind sign indicates the past or history of the matter.

In a nut shell, the planets are combined to a selected planet from 1, 5, 9, and from 2, 12 7th and their trines thereof. The houses and Ascendants are not considered at this stage in the Naadi system. However at a later stage of advanced study of Naadi these are very much considered. Since there are many significations for each planet, with the simple rules the logic needs to be applied for combining the right combinations to arrive at precise prediction.

What we want to predict will be more important and then associate the concerned planet with its appropriate signification. Predictive matters have been tabled and given above against the planets. Simply select the matter and mark the planet against it and look for directional combination using the direction chart. You can sequentially predict every aspect of life selecting, Jeeva karakas, like native, father, mother, sister, daughter, Son Etc from the above list and select the material matter using Mercury, Venus, etc.

In-depth predictions can be made by enhancing your vision and logic in application of Karakatwas of planets. It is evident that the predictions are based on only planetary positions and the birth time factor has negligible influence. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a horary chart made at the time of consultation, and compare the birth chart with that of horary chart.

Monthly Gemini Horoscope

You will come across many hidden secrets of delicate nature. You must be careful in not disclosing the matters bluntly and hurt the feelings of the native. It is better to avoid matter which would hurt the feelings of the native. Certain clues with regard to health matters, loss, and other involvement of non-personal nature can be warned. This amounts to an average stay of 1 year in each sign. Wider the Gap between them and having More number of planets Except Ket between them ensures good Longevity.

Transit and Natal simultaneous conjunction of Rah, Jup and Ket and Sat will be a matter of concern with regard to health and longevity. During this period look for position of Sun, Moo Father and Mother their economic growth and environment. This will have a say in up-bringing of the child. Next we look for Mar and Ket in relation to Mer for his scope of learning. Sat may not cause disturbances in education but may cause delay or give diseases if ill-disposed either by Natal or Transit position. During this period Mer being a planet indicating friends, look for its disposition and see whether Ket is associated in some manner either with transit or Natal Mer which will indicate love affairs etc.

Such powerful combination of Jup and Ven may give early marriage. This period will have a say for Sat to decide his career. Look for Jup and Sat relation in Natal chart and if this position is well disposed without any inimical influence, the native may settle down in career, if transit Sat or Jup associates with Natal position. Father and Mother at this stage. If family economic condition and environment is good, this may make the native settle down in life and marriage prospects can also be decided upon.

Certain business community and well placed families prefer early marriage of their children. Categorize them with the topographical culture and rituals. In general middle and upper middle class educated and employment oriented families may not hurry up for early marriage, as they would normally be looking for completion of higher education and settlement in life of their children.

This category mostly will be planning the marriage etc. This period will have higher Learning - Settlements in life - Financial stability. Collectively and severally look for combinations of Mer-Ven-Sat in relation to Jup for higher education, wealth, land, and profession. Adverse combination in Natal Chart may produce bad results. Transit Jup may try to give some of the good results, the adverse planets combined in Natal chart may cause obstructions.

Native may gain or lose in the matters of property, land, professional, status and honour. Here the assessment should be more on wealth, property and children welfare matters. You should also look for health matters of family and native, as this is the stage where the pleasure and pains will tell upon the life of native. Travels, change of place and philosophical life to be noted here. Planets indicating relatives, wife, children etc. Plus Sat would lead to Sanyasa. Look for Sanyasa and Moksha Yogas in the Chart.

If exists will tune his life accordingly. Friendly combinations of Planets in Natal chart would ensure good results by transit of Jup. Transiting inimical planets may cause hindrance temporary short term hindrances. Rah and Ket may cause hindrance in their transit during the period they approach a planet and relived when they move apart from the planet considered in question.

The word transit used in the above paragraphs is a Naadi system for timing of events. This is separately dealt. The same rules are now simplified for analysis purposes. The combination of planets are turned into directional chart a given below. If it is in the direction of 2nd i. In the 12th sign it shows the inheritance or genetically prone. Explanation: For any direction clockwise it will be 2, 7 and 12 directions.

How to Predict Education? In most of the cases the Education will be relating to Profession. Therefore, we must see the professional combination first and the present educational level, before finally advising the suitable line of education. Sometimes, the person may be interested to pursue different line of education irrespective of his profession.

In such cases, the above combinations must be given importance and the right educational combination must be arrived. Normally MER-Aspecting Jupiter will indicate the good educational prospects - We must look for other combination of planes with Mercury and logically combine to arrive at the right line of Education.

During these days the education has many branches and it will be difficult to pin point exact subject. Therefore it is always better to maintain the broad category as shown below to indicate the Education-Comparing with his professional combination. Please refer to Orbital providence for more details. Note: Please see the significations Karakatwa of planets the heading Learning and Earning which gives some details about the educational matters.

These significations along with the sign significations are to be considered for educational matters. We give below some examples of Education. Examples of Education Engineer 1. Mer with Sat and Venus linking to Moo in opposite direction 2. Mer with Sun Rah and Sat - Space related application of engineering. Sun 1 Rah 5 Mer Jup 8 As 24 Male June at am - Mar 13 Ve 16 47n36, w Ket and Moo being next to Jup and Sat indicates several recognition or titles.

He won medals and was president to several astronomical societies. MER - in west direction is again western direction indicating research. Mer by retro connects to Jupiter Jeeva karaka then it connects to mars a fury planet and then Ketu the cell structure and Venus expertise. This indicates the Organic Chemistry. Saturn approaching this with Jupiter effect also indicates profession as teaching in Chemistry. The involvement of Sun Moo and Rahu indicates the parents also being in the same line of education and profession.

Ket Mer Sun indicates Medical Education. Saturn indicates same profession. Next sign Moo and Mar having Retro Mercury in opposition indicate the mind related medical study. This combination of also changes the profession and Jup Retro Mer and Mar and Moon indicates arts in writing psycho friction books. He then wrote well known books. Mercury is with Ket and by retro links to Jup. Jup linking to Saturn and Mercury indicates teaching profession. Mercury linking to Sun also made him to get recognition among nobles. The Moon Rahu with mercury made him a journalist.

He was known historian. Naturally Mars Mercury and Sun makes them to write books or submit papers on this subject. Jup with Saturn having Ketu and Venus next group made him to achieve successful synthesis of traditional narrative history with French social history. Mer retro linking Saturn and Sun with Mars and Moo. Having opposite direction Venus supported by Jupiter Retro gave him highly paid supreme court job. He also made money with other avenues like stocks and bonds.

Gemini Yearly Horoscope Kannada-ಮಿಥುನ ರಾಶಿ ವಾರ್ಷಿಕ ಭವಿಷ್ಯ-Mithuna Rashi

KET indicates drawing Mer and Mar indicate mathematics. Thu the linking Ketu to Mercury indicates Pure geometry. Rahu indicates differential calculus etc. The Mer Mars and Sun link also shows about publishing of books. MER 13 23 March at 49n36, 11e Algebra in its origin means reunion of broken parts. In Astrology Union signified by Venus. The Rahu indicates troubles and Sun Guidelines the Recognition. Saturn signifies profession or work, when you select this planet look for the sign qualities and then from Directional chart link the planets. The general planetary signification of each planet for profession is given below and the positive or negative on profession due to combination of other planets with Saturn is indicated.

It also indicates the troubles from officer or troubles in office. Native has to put lot of efforts He will ultimately get the success and recognition though not satisfactory. Moon makes shifts, transfers, blames and travels in profession. Unfocused efforts are also attributed. Mars indicates enemies in the professional field. It also indicates harassment from the higher ups or with colleagues. Tensions and unrest are main indications in profession. This indicates communication, meeting, training, interviews and business aspect in profession.

A debilitated planet indicates problem or struggle of the person associated with the profession. It indicates more efforts in the significations of Mercury matters. More than One Planet with Saturn the sources of income will be from different directions as per the combinations of planet. This has to be assessed considering Karakatwas of each planet associated with Saturn. Women related. Professional matters well organized and it indicates the comforts and benefits of profession. RAHU Foreign related, Secret related dealings or professions, Atomic energy, Air related, Poisons Chemical industries, Intoxication related, Explosive related, Shadow related, Vehicle related, Unsocial activity related, menial works, 2nd hand goods dealing, Black magic and witch craft.

Rahu is a reversal planet hence, there may repetition of work, and being an unethical planet it may force unethical activities. It is also foreign, hence foreign transactions are possible. KETU Handicrafts, Low paid works, Tailoring, Weaving, Spinning Mills, Healing and medicine related, Occult related, Argumentative works, Wire, rope and pipe related, Alternative therapy, Faith healing, Other than these, it may cause obstructions in any other works This is a planet of depression, dejection and quitting nature planet. The work may be blocked and mood of working may be spoiled and quitting attitude may be developed.

In general planetary combination will indicate the nature of profession but more precisely it can be derived by taking sign significations Refer orbital providence by the Author. Therefore in these examples we are highlighting the signs participated in different professions. Scientists The Rule: The planet of higher intelligence, Venus must participate. Mercury is a planet of intelligence which is essential.

To bring the applied intelligence to light Sun must be linked. Moon is mind. The technicality of the matter is represented by Mars. Rahu and Ketu are subject modifiers. One indicates vastness or space related and the other indicates deep rooted. In science, knowledge is applied and therefore, one of the Mercury sign Virgo being applied science must participate. We give below the examples - for Scientists, establishing the destiny direction. Moon is 2nd to Venus in Sagittarius. Venus is having Saturn in 9th in Cancer. Saturn is having retro Mercury in 3rd.

Saturn is with Rahu and Mercury by retrograde, links to Ketu. All the conditions to become a scientist are satisfied. The Mercury, the planet of intelligence is linked to Sun and carrying the effect of Sun to applied intelligence and linking to Ketu, the deep rooted knowledge of Sun. Sun is light and therefore, the subject of research was on light. Example 2 Scientist Not only scientist but also a Visionary with Industrial set up. Male born on The link of Rahu and Moon to Mercury in applied intelligence house indicates the matter relating to Atomic energy. Mercury is having Sun and Venus in its succeeding signs.

Mars indicating the technical nature of work. Mercury indicates the business and Jupiter having Sun in the next sign indicates success in business. No doubt this great scientist has established industrial units relating to the subject of research. Moon establishes link to Mars and Mars In turn links to Saturn. Mars represents metals and Moon the feeling. Moon links to Jupiter and Jupiter by retrograde goes to Aries and links to Mercury.

Ketu indicates root Mercury indicates plant. Mercury is linked to Ketu from the house of Jeevakaraka. Venus gets exchanged with Jupiter and Jupiter now gets conjunction with Mercury, being Jeeva karaka, and with the influence of Moon, goes to Atma karaka, the Sun. Obviously the research subject was to establish that the plants and metals too have feelings.

Authors Sign Gemini is Kathana- which means Narration of all kinds. Mercury is knowledge, Ketu represents de-linking factor. A writer gets the thought and he wants to de-link the thought from the mind and put it on paper. Mars represents printing and Sun represents bringing the same to light. Involvement of other planets indicates the nature of such writings.

Example-1 Writer Romance, Historical, Rebellion, and political stories.


Gemini is having Sun and it is next to Mercury. Mercury is in the house of Venus, who is behind Mercury in the same sign, Taurus, Mars and above Mars, Venus is posited in the same sign. Venus is the first planet in Taurus to get the effect of Saturn. In the initial stages, the author was writing on Romance. Venus is in 2 degrees in Taurus when the combination of planet in 2nd house is considered, Sun is in 13 Degrees, and therefore, Venus and Sun forms a combination which Saturn would be encountering.

Subsequent works were based on historical matters. Now the Martian effect starts. Mars is 16 degrees and Ketu falls in 17 degrees approaching Mars which is an indication of rebellion in nature. The karma planet shifts its activity of writing to rebellion issues. Saturn by retro goes to Libra and is linked to Sun. Thus there will be a double effect of Sun i. Naturally, the subsequent works had political background. Mercury is with Venus and Sun and by retro is linked to Ketu. Very next sign Leo has Mars. Mars is linked to Rahu. Zamindari means the land holders who used to create problems to the poor.

Mercury is land in the house of Moon and by Retro going to Ketu who is a planet of Bandana. Sun and Venus in the house of Moon indicate the wealthy persons with nature of cheating and Mars and Rahu link indicate the atrocities to be committed by them. Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu indicate the low paid persons or poor persons. This also indicates the realistic lives existed in those periods. Ketu represents lanes and gullies surrounded by water, which in turn indicates rural areas.

Sun and Venus linked to Jupiter through Moon house indicate the dynamic Moon being moving planet urban people. The works of author were based on the above matters. Mars and Ketu linked to Jupiter and Saturn. There is an exchange of Moon with Jupiter. Saturn, Rahu and Sun having Mars in 11th indicate the struggle by mass and exchange between Jupiter the Jeeva karaka, and Moon the mind desiring to go to their own places indicates independence. To this group Saturn falls in the next sign which is the house of governing and authority and Rahu influencing in the house of righteousness and in turn linking to exalted Sun, the Mercury and the Venus.

This shows secular riots. Ketu, Jupiter and Moon involved in the sign Pisces, indicates the religious institution. Jupiter having link with Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun acts as one family and after exchange Moon having link with Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Sun acts as another family. The effect of Mars and Ketu, Saturn and Rahu indicates the rivalry between the two families. Mars, Ketu and Moon indicate critics and the indulgence of Jupiter indicate the author himself.

Saturn and Rahu indicate the illusionary personalities in the work. He has authored a book where the main character in the story criticizes the poet who is the author himself. Rahu and Saturn indicate a different religion and Venus represents fruits, having Moon behind indicates selling. The author wrote a story on fruit vendor of foreign origin. Ketu Jupiter and Moon indicate the metaphysical matters. Saturn is in the house of Sun with Sun in its exalted position and in exchange Moon joining Saturn in the house of emotion all leads to indicate the patriotic works of the author in the shape of songs which have become regional and national anthem.

This great author has to his credit the works based on the matters indicated in bold letters above paragraphs. Politicians The Sun being a ruling class planet must be strong and if it is weak - must be supported by another exalted planet or Jupiter. Saturn being the planet of Karma should link to Sun and Jupiter representing Jeevakaraka and also planet nobility must support the combination.

Mercury represents intelligence and Rahu the hard work and maintaining secrecy. The link of Ketu indicates fame. Mars, the planet of power is optional for a politician to exercise power. The effect of Moon and Rahu circumstantially change either good or bad nature of the politician. Planets Moon and Jupiter are linking together. Saturn is linked to Mars who in turn is linked to Sun, Rahu and mercury. Venus in its exalted position links to Ketu indicating highest award.

Jeeva Planet for female Venus, Karma planet Saturn posited in Royal sign Leo which is a prerequisite for ruling class. She hails from the royal family of Gwalior. The chain link of Jupiter through Mercury which is called graha malika yoga involves all the planets related to politics. She won seven consecutive parliamentary elections. She played a key role in propagating the party's Ramjanmabhoomi agenda and was considered a hardliner. She remained a BJP vice- president until Cancer is considered as the ascendant of Rama.

Jupiter being there and seized by Rahu from the debilitated house of Moon, Sun Joining Mercury opposing Rahu indicates the relationship with the agenda of Ramjanmabhoomi. Moon with exalted Ketu and linking to Sun indicate the Royal credits and the retreat from her children. Saturn and Mars are in Leo and Sagittarius. Saturn is directly linked to Sun and Mercury in Gemini. But Saturn by retro moves away from Sun and falls next to Moon with the effect of Ketu influenced Mars.

There are disputable events and change in Karma. In the first part of the life he had made name due to effect of Sun and Mercury he was well known in Congress party. During his tenure as chief minister he has tackled the dacoit problems and became famous. Mars Ketu Venus Moon represents dacoits. Legal Heads Sign Libra is the legal sign and its lord equally represents the sign effect. Ketu is an argumentative planet.

Sun and Mercury indicate Intelligence and righteousness. Jupiter is human dignity and advisory nature and Saturn indicates the profession. Ketu is in Libra. Sun and Mercury are linked to Saturn, who is linked to Venus. He was the chief justice of Madras high court. Planets, his uncles Mercury linking to all the required planets, indicate that the entire family was into legal profession. Saturn by retro goes to Capricorn which is 2nd to Jupiter.

Ketu and Sun gave him Padma Vibhushan. Mars is retrograde and goes to Sign Libra and links to Moon. Mars directly links to Saturn, who is with Venus and by retro goes to Moon falling 2nd to Jupiter. Jupiter is exchanged with Saturn and links to Venus in Pisces.

Jupiter, from his original position, links to Ketu. Mars itself is in the axis of Rahu and Ketu. Sign Scorpio is Rakshana. Saturn is in Sagittarius. Saturn has Sun and Mars in 2nd house which is another condition for defence personnel. Mars is linked to Ketu, which satisfies the third condition. Native was field Marshal. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are influencing the sign Scorpio from the 7th place. Mercury is influencing from Pisces and Rahu is influencing from Cancer.

Sun is influencing Sagittarius, where Ketu is approaching Sagittarius. Native was a Defence General. Moon the planet of movement is between two airy planets Saturn and Rahu indicating Movement in the Air and having Jupiter in the opposite sign of Libra which has Mer and Sun in its 5th sign. Jupiter by Retro links to Mars and Venus. By exchange, Saturn comes to Capricorn where Mercury and Sun are posited in 2nd to it. Jupiter Ketu and Sun indicate the Keerti title or fame. He has to his credit the title - Father of Indian Air force.

Libra is a sign of policy -societal transactions. Sun is Government. Mercury is intelligence and policies. Saturn is karma and Jupiter is Jeevakaraka. IAS Officers are immediate functionaries next to Ministers. They govern many departments by making policies in tune with the planning and policies of the respective ministries. Saturn is in Libra linking to Jupiter in Gemini.

Saturn is linked to Mercury in Aquarius. By retro, Jupiter goes to Taurus and links with Sun. All the requisite conditions are fulfilled for an IAS officer. Saturn, by retro, joins Rahu and will get the link of Mercury and Sun. Mercury also links with Saturn, by retro, from Pisces. Jupiter also links to Saturn from Cancer by its retrograde position. Jupiter also links to Sun and Mercury. This is a perfect combination for an IAS officer. Sign Libra is participating, having Venus in it.

Jupiter is having a malika-yoga continuous planets and is linked with Venus, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Native was an IAS Officer. From the vegetative house Jupiter is linking to Venus who is in trade house having Mercury and Moon in Scorpio indicating agricultural production, sericulture etc. Insurance Personnel Being a house of pilgrims the sign Pisces can be termed as house of Yogakshema i. Jupiter is Jeevakaraka, Ketu the end of life and Venus is Money. Karma, Rahu is Apasavya karma.

Earlier, Life Insurance Corporation of India was the only organization which was handling Life insurance. But in the 21st century many corporate and multinationals have entered the life insurance market. Therefore, there could be tricky combinations in the horoscopes of the personnel working in such organizations. However, with regard to personnel working in Life Insurance Corporation, we may have lesser complications in finding the signification in accordance with the orbital providence. Example -1 Sales Manager in a corporate sector handling life insurance Note: Study this carefully there are important points in this analysis.

Ketu is in the sign Pisces. Jupiter is with Venus in Gemini. In the next sign to Jupiter there is Mars which is linked to Ketu and Saturn is in the next sign. The condition is anyway satisfied. This company is a joint venture of UK and Indian firms. Not considering Rahu and Moon ahead, the Saturn as Indian company is in the house of Sun and links to Mercury placed between Ketu and Sun, indicating that this company is linked to health care products.

This is not the first job of native, as Saturn links to Mercury in Aries and Mars behind, forcing ahead with Rahu, a menial job provider and then meeting Moon, a changing planet, which links to Venus and Jupiter - indicate that this native has started his career at a lower level and reached high with his intelligence.

He will have change in profession further in a couple of years and then he will settle down in life after It is due to transit Saturn reaching Moon during that time linking Jupiter and Venus. We have given so many of details to explain that the cosmic plan has to include many matters pertaining to karma in detail and therefore, the orbital providence will have twists and turns which needs to be understood and find the means and ways to decode them.

Therefore, we need to forge many methods to find ways and means to link the planets and signs with appropriate significations to derive at the matter. This helps in generalized study of horoscope. For deeper study we need to move the required planet through the zodiac and find how they get linked to signs and influence a planet form the above positions. We need to split or Join the combinations to get the details. The exchange of planets, the retrogression of a planet is to be considered carefully. Male born on 18 hrs Chittoor. Saturn is in Pisces along with Venus having links with all the planets in Graha malika.

Here also Saturn is getting linked to Rahu and Moon indicating the foreign relation. He is a Sales manager in a Joint venture Insurance company as said in the earlier chart. All - the planets and sign - requirement is fulfilled. This link has definitely a different meaning. Note the fact that this gentleman is a financial planner for the Company. The intelligent planet Mercury is in the sign of Insurance Pisces. It is having Moon and Sun in 2nd which are linked to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Mercury is linked to Ketu in Cancer. Mercury is carrying all the effects of other planets reaching Saturn who is with Venus and Mars in the house of Sekarana Taurus sign of accumulation. The funds generated out of Insurance business are being managed by the native.

Let us go further deep to find out why this tricky combination has occurred here. At the first place Saturn with Venus and Mars in the house of treasury linking Rahu indicate it is a bank employment. Now move this bank ahead. This combination has no planet in 2nd sign but gets the influence of Jupiter supported by Rahu. But, even Moon and Sun also join along with Jupiter. In the very next sign there is Ketu indicating trouble to Bank. But, due to Sun having Mercury in Pisces and linking with Jupiter and Rahu indicate the foreign institution back up lending its name to support the name of this bank.

Now let us see what this foreign company is. Jupiter is having Rahu, approaching, linking to Sun and Moon indicate the same. Sun and Moon are children of Jupiter and Rahu indicate troubled children; the support of Mercury behind children is education to children. This institution is engaged in the global programming to educate underprivileged children. With this institutions support the Indian bank collaborated prefixing its name to the banks.

It is now a joint venture bank handling life insurance as a different branch. All this history has to be covered and then match the orbital providence for insurance. That is why we cannot find rules directly applicable but if studied in deep, every rule will be applicable. SUN Male born on hrs.

Jaipur SAT Saturn, by retro motion, falls in 2nd house to Jupiter and links to Venus and Ketu in Pisces and by exchange with Sun goes to Aquarius and links directly to Jupiter. The condition for Insurance is fulfilled. Here also there is a link of Moon, Rahu to Saturn indicating the foreign relation but this foreign relation is also linked to insurance formula. Jupiter linking to Sun and Saturn falling in 2nd to this combination indicate the successful Indian company involved in this business of life insurance with foreign collaboration.

Doctors Pisces is the sign of relief. Jupiter and Venus exchange places. Jupiter by exchange with Venus links to Ketu, which is the cause for getting many awards. Sun and Mars indicate Surgery and Ketu indicates removal of a part and Mercury indicates replacement. The native is a Cardiac Surgeon. Sign Leo has Moon in it. Jupiter by retro goes to Pisces. Saturn, Sun and Ketu are linked to Jupiter. All the necessary sign and planetary participation for Doctors are fulfilled. Saturn is with Sun and links retro Jupiter in Pisces.

Jupiter is in Aries and links Moon in Leo who is 12th to Saturn. The essentials for politician are also fulfilled. He is a Doctor turned politician with ministerial posts to his credit. Mer rah- Ven sat- Jup 16 The combination needed for a Doctor is perfect. But Rahu is approaching Saturn, who is linked to Mars and Moon. The Jeeva karaka is in the bandana yoga due to Apasavya wrong deeds karma.

He was a convicted fraudster and a suspected serial killer. Between the years , more than of his patients died under suspicious circumstances and he was found guilty in a subsequent trial for 13 offences. Ven mar- Jup 11 rah Sun mer- 16 moo Male born on Mechanical Engineer. Ket sat- 0. Mars is technical, Rahu is smoke and Ketu is tail. Jupiter having Rahu in the next sign indicate the number of Jeevakarakas. The planet of profession Saturn not only links this combination but also links with Moon in Cancer indicating travel.

This technical subject is related to something smoke emitting mechanical device to facilitate people to travel. He was a Mechanical Engineer in Railways. Mars, the technical planet gets the link of Saturn and Jupiter by their retro motion from Pisces. Saturn and Jupiter are linked to Mercury in Virgo. Next to Mars Ketu is linked. Mercury and Venus link with Mars, which indicates civil engineering. This native has worked as a civil engineer in Railways. Example-3 Engineer Mer-2 sat-6 Ket-8 Mar sun-8 ven- Male born on Electrical Engineer Jup Mars is energy or power and Rahu is hidden.

Moon is liquid, Saturn is coal. Rahu is approaching Mars with liquid behind and coal ahead to generate power represented by Mars. Saturn is profession, which is ahead of Mars, - indicates the profession relating to Power or electricity. The native is an electrical engineer. Jupiter coming towards Rahu, who is in applied intelligence house, having Moon in Libra - indicate high planning linked to Mercury, indicating the planning in playing.

This native was also a chess player, intelligence and planning is vital in this game. Astrologers and Occultist Example -1 Astrologer from Ireland. Jup Rah-6 Male born on Venus is linking Ketu in Leo. He was a foreign astrologer who also introduced his own Ayanamsha. Ket sat- Jup Saturn is with Ketu and links to Moon in Sagittarius. Venus who is with Mercury by retro links Moon. Saturn also by Retro goes to Pisces and links Mercury directly.

Saturn, Ketu, Moon Mercury combinations established. And Jupiter signs are participating. Example 3 Indian Astrologer writer of variety of novels and short stores, children literature, poems and plays. Saturn is in the Gemini having Ketu and Moon in subsequent houses. Saturn by retro links Mercury in Capricorn. This made him an Astrologer. Note the Planet Saturn is in house of Kathana Mars by retro joins Ketu and links Mercury indicating his writing and publishing.

Moon and Sun link indicate the children and Historical, Social matters. Moon, Sun and Mercury indicate children also. He wrote books on children literature. Linking of Venus along with Moon to Saturn indicates the artistic nature and he wrote poems also. Industrialists Intelligence applied is equally essential for business; hence Virgo participation is a must. Libra is the house of Trade either of the houses must participate. The combination required for industrialist is satisfied. Saturn and Venus with Sun having Ketu in the Aquarius He was awarded with Gold medals and many awards from various institutions.

Sun linked to Ketu and having Jupiter next to Sun He was also involved in humanitarian services helping draught victims. He was also involved in cattle development program. Ket Sat Mar Moo Sun- Ven Mer- Jup Jupiter is in Virgo linking Saturn in Capricorn. Venus and Mercury are in 11th to Saturn. Sun is hemmed between Saturn and Venus, Mercury.