Moolatrikona in vedic astrology

These signs are called Mool Trikon signs. Below table shows the mool trikon sign for each planet. Mool Trikon Sign.

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If you notice there few planets get mool trikon sign in its own sign and some gets in their exalted sign. Sage Parashara clearly mentions that out of 30 degrees of a sign, a planet gets the mool trikon power only in certain degrees. Rest of the degrees would be own sign or exaltation sign. Like all other signs Leo sign has 30 degrees. Out of these 30 degrees only the first 20 degrees are mool trikon sign and rest 21 to 30 degrees are own sign. If you notice Moon gets exalted in Taurus.

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It gets exalted in first 3 degrees of Taurus. Rest 27 degrees are mool trikon sign. When Sun is in swasthana, it increases all the qualities of the house in which it is placed. For example, the Sun is in 9th house of Luck , it will increase the support of luck to the person and make the person religious.


The debilitated Sun or Surya cause many difficulties in the life of humans. The debilitated Sun would not give good result even if it is placed in any good house. The person would lack the power of body as well as of brain. The person would have problems in eye-sight. The person with debilitated Sun would lack the will -power and would not stand against the real strong opposition. Get the detailed Horoscope predictions for the year Site Home About Us. Indian Astrology.

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    Chapter 7 – Mool Trikon Signs

    Their English equivalents and symbols are given below : Vedic name. Ravi Surya. Guru Brihaspati. The Sun has a square build,scanty but curly hair, lovely appearance, good intelligence, impressive voice, medium stature, red eyes, dark red complexion, strong bones, bilious nature, firm temperment and saffron robes. The Moon has a slim but roundish body, beautiful appearance, lovely eyes, sweet tongue, phlegm and wind in his composition, white complexion, short curly hair, amiable nature, Sattvika inclination, discriminating wisdom, restless nature, excessive sexual urge, white robes. Mars is characterised by fierce red eyes, short stature, tough and youthful body, fickle but generous disposition, short but shining and curly hair, valorous nature, Tamasika inclination, eagerness to hurt, easy excitability, bilious disposition and fair complexion.

    Mercury has a slim and beautiful body, large reddish eyes, dark green complexion, healthy skin, medium height, clear and witty speech, expression with multiple meanings, Rajasika inclination, plenty of energy, bile, wind and phlegm in his composition, and green robes. Jupiter has a big belly and a fat body,pale eyes, virtuous disposition, phlegmatic temperament, knowledge of scriptures and sciences, bright yellow complexion, Sattvika inclination, sharp intelligence, keenness in religious pursuits, forgiving nature and yellow-coloured dress.

    Venus is dark brown and handsome, of symmetrical limbs and dark curly hair, writer of poetry, and has an amorous disposition. He has long arms, broad chest, excessive seminal fluid, windy and phlegmatic temperament, Rajasika inclination, grace, vigour, wisdom and intelligence, and multi-coloured robes. Saturn has a tall, lean and weak body, dark complexion, stiff hair and limbs, large teeth, lazy disposition, windy temperament, cruel nature, Tamasika inclination, lame, dark and shabby robes. Rahu and Ketu have a bluish complexion resembling smoke, wild in bearing, intelligent, and of windy disposition.

    Understanding Sun By Exploring Its Moola Trikona and Exaltation

    Mesha and Vrischika.