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You must, though, make an almighty effort to please. However, rather than flounder around in a sea of confusion, may I suggest that you leave all vague and muddled questions to one side for the time being? For the next six days your planets point to one conclusion: all your past professional and financial efforts and struggles are soon to be rewarded in such a manner as to show you that it was all worth while.


It also looks very much as if you are about to make a financial break-through. You still have a great deal to gain from other people, though not necessarily in a material sense. You have much to learn, for example, in terms of having the courage of your convictions and the determination to stick to what you know to be right and proper.

Yet this week you must have faith that developments, of which you may as yet be completely unaware, are in your best interests. That, is the only way to make sure that the future works out in your favour. There are still one or two conflicts in the air but, while partners are likely to be irritable, you are capable of being quite short-tempered yourself.