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So what's this all mean??? It must have something it can offer the collective consciousness of this human society.

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In November shortly after the Opening of the 44th, Parliament. I commented on the charts of the swearing -in of Abbott on September 13th , and the opening of the first session of the 44th, Australian lower house.

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I noted on my face -book stream the placement of Mars in both charts. Mars in both whole sign charts is placed in the 9th house. I made the suggestion that this would be a very difficult placement. Readdressing those comments in light of the recent sensitive events in Indonesia I would like to expand on these comments. Mars is placed in the 9th whole sign image sign of the Lion, Leo. The Lion doth roar! Mars is degrees Leo. This is accentuated when contra to Sect, as both Mars and Venus are. Jupiter the planet associated with judicial distribution is at present transiting retrograde in Leo, it will transit RX over the natal Abbott swearing-in position on Friday March, 20th.

I suspect that we will see some very Lion language exchanges in relation to the 9th house over the coming weeks. The placement in both charts also highlights another very much unnoticed aspect by many. Mercury's role here is also very confrontational, he can be when contra to Sect, as he is discursive reasoning. Associations with accusation and disputation, contestation and destabilisation though verbal exchange.

Mercury is lord of the 10th whole sign house, and he is also the lord of the natal Sun. The sun is the leader, in this case the leader of the nations parliament. Over the coming weeks there will be as I have mentioned on my FB page some very choleric times ahead. These will be quite combustible. Mercury's function here is very pivotal, as he is also lord of the 7th house in Abbott's swearing chart. The 7th has two meaning here - as the 7th, it is our relations with others and a open expression of both parties.

It is also an indicator of the reputation of the government, as it is the 10th from the 10th. The 7th house also contains the Lot of Fortune. Finally these issues will again resurface in late July early August. This time will also be very combustible for Abbott's leadership. It may well see him replaced. Oh how the political landscape changes - U might think that Uranus has something to do with these sudden changes?? First Modern aspect - Moon opposition Uranus, square Pluto Then Moon trine Sun.

Last traditional aspect the Moon made was trine to RX Mercury. So as you can see the Moon is in aspect to both significators - but as mentioned both are RX So this far from over, Mercury will strike again as will Jupiter. The instigators of this gala, seem very double bodied. But quite perplexed and rather shaky. Mars is rising and owner of the confines - which Valens says "Naval warriors" "Plundering but then restoring, varied, not dying a natural death! Metaphorically speaking that is.

The gala event is overseen by the trickster, confines of Sagittarius MC, is in a fixed sign in the 11th. The house of the liberal party. And also the lord of the 4th -result. And ensuring this is not over is Mars, with scrutiny over the confines of the fourth. A finial observation - Jupiter is in the house of good fortune and trine the 10th - Jupiter is lord of the10th. Although its Retrograde in Leo, the sign of the Sun.

Whereas Mercury is in 11th -good fortune and retrograde about to station direct. Which means a significant improvement in Mercury's position. In the 11th, 2nd from the 10th - assistant to the Kings money. Australia - th profected year - 7th house, year lord Venus. Natal Venus is in the 9th -foreign lands. Transits of Venus will be very strong this year. Natal Venus is contra sect -suggesting difficult relations with Venus associated affairs.

New declaration of intent signed by Trade ministers from China and Australia on November 17th, This new deal is it for real - and will it benefit Australia or is this one-way traffic? The deal looks good for China. What about Australia? Peter Cosgrove sworn in as the 26th, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, declaring it "the greatest honour" of his family's "fortunate lives".

The official signing on March 28th , commenced at hr and he was official recognised at hrs. The former Defence chief now addressed as Sir Peter Cosgrove is the first man to be knighted under Prime Minister Tony Abbott's restored royal honours system. He addressed the Senate - Chief Justice Robert French, parliamentarians, diplomats and public galleries and payed tribute to Indigenous Australians, Dame Quentin Bryce, and Cameron Corporal Baird - the special forces commando who was posthumously awarded a Victoria Cross in February this year.

He went on to say that he was "humbled and proud" to be assuming office and came to the role "agenda free. The astrological significants of this Event is as follows; The new head of the commonwealth of Australia, 10th house -MC. The chart first cast using Regiomontanus and then assessed using whole sign houses. The MC is 26 degrees 58', Aquarius, the traditional ruler is retrograde Saturn in Scorpio at 22 degrees 47', co-joined to the 18 degrees 49' Scorpion 7th house descendant.

The rising degree and sign is 18 degrees 47', Taurus. The highest placed planetary body is Venus at 20 degrees and the Moon at 29 degrees 40', Aquarius. Saturn the confine ruler is in his own Chariot, which denotes that he is own Lord, answerable to only he. The confine ruler of 22 degrees Scorpion Saturn is exalted Jupiter, suggesting a noble person.

Valens adds a glorified, high priestly, talented and lucky beneficiary of High Office. Rudhyar th- Sabian Symbol say's "An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Fresh Follows "The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man's instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man's most authentic emotions".

This seems to suggest the appointer is from someone who is of lower standing and short lived, but the appointee is a person highly regarded. The retrograde suggesting a return to the traditional ways! In modern astrological conceptualisation the Moon is seen as Void, however from traditional conceptualisation the Moon is not void as it is only 12 degrees from contact with Jupiter and 14 degrees from Mercury.

The Jupiter, Mercury suggesting a person who will be away attending to overseas Pisces sacred priestly sensitive arousing affairs. Finally how this tenure ends suggest a Mars ending, or is this suggesting the appointer will end this way?? So what does all this transpire to? Pluto in the transiting eclipse chart is in the house of partnership or relationships. This informs us that all government agreements and dealing will be of a Plutonic nature and as transiting Pluto is going through the federations natal 10th, which is the most noticeable house of the chart, we can expect to see some real difficulties for the Government on shared dealing and negotiations.

Now when this eclipse chart is viewed bi-wheel with the federations chart there are many special and unusual aspects to synthesise into the whole. As you can see this is a complex set of patterns signifying some major events and future actions, measures, proceedings, dealings and activities that will surface. The signification of the Federation natal Mars return Mars is also ruler of the eclipse should not be overlooked! Two malefic planets making contact with almost all of the other planets speaks of major obstacles to negotiate.

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However Mars may be in better shape than it first looks! Due to the Nocturnal eclipse chart Mars is more favourably placed with regards to its action. This may result in reconstructive negotiated outcomes, or-be-it of a Plutonic nature. Finally the transiting eclipse chart taken as a special new moon alone shows the lunation falling in the transiting mundane fifth house.

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And Mercury ruler of the Sun-Leader, curtailed by concealment in the confines of Mars. This looks set for another great Greek Play!!! There are some interesting Fixed Stars with this chart, Diadem 8 Libra - with the Moon, it according to Brady, has a phase of arising and lying hidden. Just to name a few. So this is a special moment in the consciousness of the Australian Psyche.

Yes Neil Hair did make comment on that, the trouble I see as I wrote in my preview to the election on my blog was that "Mars" My take on Mars is either we use it or someone else will Now you have to love this The difficulty for the modern individual to keep secret his private past or his deeper motives! Now 19 Aquarius Mandala - A Forrest fire is being subdued by the use of water, chemicals and sheer muscular energy!!!

The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness Karmic "Visitations" 12 degrees 36' rising - Taurus 13 - A Porter carrying heavy baggage And finally the IC.. The enjoyment of Temporary freedom from rigidly structured social behaviour From my prospective I think we may see this guy humbled by the Immense weight upon his shoulders It is easy to shout from the other river bank Media to scared to go against the heavy weights And Yes "Gina" and B arnaby I'm not being bank rolled by Gina I've got no argument with Political fond rasing A big businessman at his Desk Lot Fortune all conjoined to the Dsc 7th of Partnerships Emotional bonding with illegitimat e ties and a Sense of Duty Gina and the Miners who so conveniently bank rolled the whole nations for 2years IC of the chart As the battle for government heats up, the days and weeks ahead from an astrological viewpoint are confronting to say the least.

I have already posted on the August new moon. Something is not showing, the trickster Mercury is gone into a cone of shadows.

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From August 12th until August 25th, Mercury will be curtailed, unable to function in its proper manner, hidden in the Glare of the Sun. On September 10th for 3 days Mercury will again be curtailed. Mercury will not be burnt during its encounter with the Sun from August 25th —September 10th due to it having protection from its Chariot.

When a bi-wheel is used in conjunction with the Federation pm Stoney Chart some extraordinary aspects appear. And these aspects suggest a Sudden and unexpected event? The event will no doubt engross the Nations Leader and something involving the 9th house affairs — In a foreign country, foreign policy, Law, and with Chiron involvement some form of anguish. As Mercury also rules the 6th and 3rd house of the Federation chart the event may be quiet complex. On this same day transiting Mars in Cancer makes a quincunx to Natal Jupiter in the natal 9th! The Full Moon chart taken alone speaks also of something on a Grand scale involving the same areas of concern.

However there is also a square from Uranus-Aries 5th House- ruled by Mars and Jupiter —Cancer 8th house ruled by the Moon in the confines of Saturn, with the Sun in the confines of Mars. As I mentioned this is a series of complex aspects and the Cosmos is speaking of a Greek Saga about to unfold!! I wrote of this in when Rudd was elected as PM and Abbott as Leader of the Opposition, their destinies is wound ever so tied! On this day the North Node was at 14 Sagittarius, and Mars the ruler of Iron was at 28 degrees Leo, the same degree that the Sun will be at on the day of the full moon!!!

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At dawn on Wednesday July 31st conditions will Fire Up Expect to see the temperature rise The New Moon on August 7th brings some dynamic forces to the Australian domestic and international scene. Just how these events will play out will be somewhat of a sudden an unexpected nature. Powerful forces are at work during this lunation which may be expressed through Plutonic verbal expression. The House of Representatives and the Senate should feature in this expressed energy. Yes this hardly surprising you might say as there has been much of this kind of news refugee boat arrivals highlighting the past two weeks.

But the new moon does suggest some more dynamic forces will be at work during this lunation. Talk this week is about whether Julia Gillard will remain as the Nation leader. This speculation has been going on since August 21st , when Australians last voted. The Electional chart for that day as I suggested and commented on many times would bring about a confronting debate on all matters governing the Nation, including its leader.

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  • Recapping briefly on this event chart which I set for Sydney am, the opening of the polls. The two Significators of the 1st and 7th houses were Venus and Mars. Both these planets were conjoined at 13 degrees Libra in the 1st house. The Lords of the 10th and 4th were Moon and Saturn. The South Node was 11 Cancer in the 10th house. This Cardinal dynamic ensured a continuous crises would be played out every Furthermore as the planets moved around the Zodiac Sun their entry into Cardinal signs would also further trigger this crisis. We just had a Solar eclipse at 20 degrees Taurus on May 10th , this eclipse also saw Pluto at 11 Capricorn and the Ascendant degree for the chart set in Sydney was 8 degrees Cancer.

    Both these signs are short in terms of how long their effect will last and when and how the significance of their action will be felt. These two planetary actions set the stage for the following actions to announce themselves. Speculations once again rose about a leadership challenge by K.

    These actions were further boosted by a continuing failure by Gillard to make any ground in the New Polls; the Labor Party is heading for a wipe-out according to the Polls and Media. What else is fuelling this action is the current Solar lunation cycle, on June 9th a new moon occurred at 18 degrees Gemini and a full moon will culminate on June 21st The new moon has seeded the next chapter in this epic play with Mercury at 11 degrees Cancer and Uranus at 11 degrees Aries and Pluto at 10 Capricorn. All of this conjecture and continuous scandal mongering can as well be seen when a composite of these charts are referred back to the Australian Federation chart.

    This chart has the Sun at 10 degrees Capricorn with Saturn at 7 degrees Capricorn. The full moon on June 21st will know doubt bring all of this to colourful climax as the Sun will arrive at 02 degrees Cancer and Moon at 00 degrees Capricorn. This will see the original election chart of August 21st set in action.

    The new moon chart of June 9th had the MC at 16 degrees Capricorn, which was the degree of the moon on August 21st So what is going to happen? Will we see bloodletting? Gregory Clare - June10th A striking significant and notable Attraction awaits! This chart has all the hallmarks of something very special unfolding.

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    But more significantly is the fact that this is the degree of the Fixed Star Algol. This notable Star has an insatiable reputation for Female Passion. Algol is the legendary star in the Hand of Perseus and is said to be the Head of the Gorgon Medusa, the beautiful Maiden who was hidden in Darkness and was a consort of Poseidon after he violated the Shrine of Minerva. She Minerva in turn cast her magical Goddess enchantment and turned her beautiful Golden Hair into hissing snakes.

    Algol is at home in this March 29th chart lying hidden in darkness and more notable is the fact she is about to enter her period of hidden Phase awakening in late May. This eclipse will fall upon the Australian Federation charts natal Moon, which is ruled by Venus. This is very exceptional and what is really spooky is the fact that on that very day, lunar eclipse, Mars arrives at 25 Taurus. And the degree of the lunar eclipse is 4 degrees Sagittarius; this is the degree the Sun was at when Tony Abbott replaced Malcolm Turnbull on November 26th At that Caucus meeting held at am the MC was 20 degrees of Taurus, which is the same degree of the solar eclipse on May 10th.

    Suffice to say heads will roll!! Julia Gillard announced the Nation would go to the polls on the 14th of September So can we use this chart to analyse the Governments Fortune, and that of the Opposition. According to my understanding of the rules of Event based astrology, yes we can. Firstly unlike other nation, here in Australia as I have mentioned many times the Party leader can set the date. This action is seen as someone taking or initiating the Action, which assigns them to the First House.

    Making use of Whole sign houses we can begin to unravel the chart and just maybe arrive at a reasonable forecast. The incumbent Government is shown by Venus ruler of Taurus, the ascendant sign, and the Opposition is shown by Mars the ruler of Scorpio. In the last election held in August the Event Chart I used to forecast the result was set for Sydney and showed Libra rising and Aries setting, with both rulers Venus and Mars conjoined. And here once again we have the same outcome for this announcement with Venus and Mars again the symbols. The 14 September chart has the rulers in reverse.

    Note also that the 10th and 4th houses are also houses of Government and Opposition, both derived and event based The Sun is the symbol of the Leader and as such can be used to understand, in this case her condition.

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    The chart is of the Solar sect, and as such Venus and Mars are both of contra Sec. The only assistance Venus is receiving is from the Moon, moon is making an applying aspect to Venus from Virgo, which completes exactly 24hrs later. The dispositor of Venus and the Sun and Mars is Saturn in Scorpio, which is placed in the 7th event house or the Oppositions derived first house. The Sun which is firstly representing the leader and conversely the lord of the event 4th is diametrically opposed to the house it rules, Leo.

    This in modern terms is called detriment and is not a good look for both representations. When viewed from a planetary configuration you may notice that both Saturn and Mars are containing the planets that are symbols for our forecast. This is a observation expressed as malefic confinement, which suggest that neither parties is held in high regards. Jupiter is a standout, but is also in poor condition as he too is in detriment and more importantly Stationed. Jupiter is by sign in a waning trine to Aquarius, but its slow motion makes it very weak, even as a fortunate benefic.

    Mars the ruler of the Opposition is in the event house 10th in Aquarius, which is not good for the incumbent Government as his accidentally house placement, gives him strength, and as such can cause havoc as with his other house rulership being the 12th event house. So by being Contra to Sec, placed in the 10th he brings about loss of reputation and disreputable behaviour for both parties and is the secret enemy, as ruler of the 12th. Placed in the 10th this spells trouble for all. Mars is in a stronger position than Venus, as mentioned by the fact of accidental dignity placement.

    So it seems for the moment that the opposition has the upper hand. But in following the progression of this event chart the planetary symbols will undergo changes to their conditions. As they transit through the signs up to the election on September 14th they will bring about many timely additions to this original Event chart, as this is the nature of an unfolding cosmic play, the Gods will play!

    In the coming months I will update this forecast as there is much more to be said from both judging the natal charts of the Leaders and the coming transits, and the position of the Australian natal Federation chart. Also the looming eclipses which begin on April 26th, with the first Lunar then Solar on May 10th and again another Lunar on May 24th. Mercury is also heading for a conjunction with Mars on February 9th, and then as he makes his way through his detriment sign Pisces he Stations retrograde for 22 days. So this planetary dance between the Gods is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

    The Ascendant ruler and 8th house which is where we find Tax in a Mundane chart traditional lord, Mars, is placed in the cadent 6th. This Lunation will reactivate the first 6 months of with respect to Australian politics. The Lunation takes place at 23o Virgo which is the degree on which Mars first stationed on January 24th Think back to November 8th The chart for this legislation features the Sun at 15o Scorpio co-joined to the MC.

    The coming Lunation on September 16th has Mars at 15o Scorpio. The New Moon will be, as mentioned, 23o Virgo. So is this synchronicity at work here? Further adding to this cyclic synchronicity is the present Cancer ingress of June 21st In this ingress chart cast for Canberra, Mars has returned after 6 months of apparent retrograde motion to the January station degree of 23o Virgo, with ingress Mercury at 23o Cancer square ingress Saturn. Furthermore the coming Cardinal ingress on September 23rd has Mars co-joined to the Cardinal Cancer ingress Nodal degree and Saturn returning to its position in the Mars station chart of January These charts are providing us with prognostic information about the coming events.

    The Tax legislation chart is a good example of this. This should ignite several fires! This Nodal application, which is how the whole saga started way back in April , gives some insight into the ongoing implementation of this legislation. The ephemeris you have been waiting for! The New American Ephemeris This decade ephemeris features daily longitudes for the planets, as well as 5-day intervals for the asteroids and Eris.

    There are daily Declinations for the planets. With no Quicksilver calendars, you will need the Daily Aspectarian set for Greenwich, UK time to show you which aspects are happening for each day. We are taking advance orders for the ephemeris. Order yours now to get it as soon as it is in print. Maria Kay SImms' first book is back in print. Enhance your Bible studies with an examination of how astrology fits in with the Biblical ages, and how each patriarch represents a different astrological age.