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This technique is just another way to confirm your predictions using other systems. Never rely on just one system to deliver you the complete results. For example if a person has Aquarius lagna and is running the rasi caranavamsa dasa of Gemini holding Venus, does it mean they will find their life path during that time?

I am always impressed by the details vedic astrology can churn out.

One of the areas that I really want to dive into much deeper is understanding the baggage or debris past life issues have imprinted on a person. I like to study this area and research. I want to understand what gave rise to the present chart of the person, what tendencies of the past life are still persistent in the native and is seen in the present chart make-up.

However, there might be some clues. If bhavat-bhavam works for predicting future bhavas, does that mean a bhoota-bhavam exists to study the past life of a person from a given bhava in question? More research needs to be done in this area to stretch this technique even further. Section 1: Bhavat-Bhavam as applied to bhavas The concept of bhavat-bhavam means that from the bhava in question, it is the future bhava. The results are as follows: 1 st bhava gives the result of the 1 st bhava.

Section 2: Bhavat-Bhavam applied to lagnas and dasas Before we jump into further exploration of the bhavat-bhavam concept, I want to bring the readers attention to another concept as described below: Recently, my teacher Ernst Wilhelm revealed in one of his video lectures, a simple little technique to use in dasas: 1 For an Aries lagna person, Mars who rules Aries, the 1 st bhava will help them find their life path.

Section 3: Interesting patterns and discussion If you look at table 2, you will see a lot of interesting things emerge apart from the concept of bhavat-bhavam. They are listed below: From table 1 of section 1, the 7th bhava gives the results of the 1st bhava. The first bhava gives the results of the 1st bhava. Even the first house appears once from any given house, in this case the 7th. However, if you follow this train of thought, you will see in column 3 of table 1 that there is no recurrence of bhavas 2,4,6 and 8 using the bhavat-bhavam concept.

In simple words there is no future occurrence of bhavas 2, 4, 6 and 8 from any house in question! From table 2 of section 2, you will see that the same planet helps the opposite axis of rasis find their life path.

There is a lot to contemplate here for an astrologer. In many systems of astrology these planets are very closely related: Mars and Venus are natural neutrals to each other. The odd one out in table 2 from section 2 is the Moon. This gets even more interesting if you look at point number 1 of section 3 and examine the representation of these houses in the natural zodiac. The 2 nd bhava is the natural sign of Taurus, the exaltation and Moolatrikona sign of the Moon.

The 4 th bhava, the natural sign of Cancer is the own house of the moon, exaltation sign of Jupiter and debilitation point of Mars.

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The 8 th bhava, the natural sign of Scorpio is the debilitation point of the moon. The 6 th is the very interesting one of these patterns. The 6 th is the natural sign of Virgo where Mercury the intellect , the child of the Moon Manas gets exalted and has his Moolatrikona position too. Interesting enough, Venus who rules the exaltation sign of the Moon goes into debilitation in the 6 th house of Virgo. The 4 th is third from the 2 nd house.

The 6 th is third from the 4 th house. Finally, the 8 th is third from the 6 th house. Let us look at it from only the natural relationship of planets point of view as given in table 3. For more advanced astrologers and readers who are aware of Brihat Parashara Hora shastra BPHS principles, you will find that more interesting patterns emerge from table 2 of section 2. In table 4, I have listed the relationship of the key planet that re-enforces the life path for a particular lagna in question as given by BPHS.

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For example, according to BPHS, Sun is an evil planet for gemini lagna even though he helps them find their life path. Furthermore, only four lagnas Aries, Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius are being helped by natural friends and auspicious planets for those lagnas. This makes me wonder if the other lagnas will struggle or go through difficult circumstances during the dasas of the planets that re-enforce their life path, yet finding their destiny along the way? From table 3 and table 4, you will find that Scorpio is the only lagna that suffers the most.

The lagna lord Mars is helped by a natural enemy Mercury table 3 to help find their life path who also happens to be an evil planet for the lagna table 4.

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Section 4: Application As in all astrology techniques, it is no fun if it is not revealed where and when to use it. Some common techniques that will come to the mind of the astrologer is that he will first have to look for the dasa that rules the lagna, the lagna lord or Aatmakaraka or its dispositor There are other strong techniques of course but for sake of simplicity I am using a simple one. At that point look for Venus in the chart and see when his dasa or bhukti is getting activated for that person.

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This is because Venus will help the Capricorn ascendant find their life path. He can direct the person towards their destiny. Venus will do that for them.

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I not only find the above principle working for D1 or rasi chart but also it works splendidly for the varga charts. To illustrate — Consider a case when a client is at your office and wants you to predict a time frame when they will meet their spouse. You as an astrologer have worked out all the transits, Varshaphala, Vimshottari periods, Jaimini rasi dasas but somehow are confused between two strong periods that can give the relationship.

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